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Come, see and taste our dessert delight made fresh weekly and is always available during the temple ceremonial event. Members and guests as well as occasional visitors are being offered to taste and take some home for family members Khao Tom, Laotian steamed dessert made with sweet sticky rice, coconut and a variety of additions stuffing with banana and mung bean. It is wrapped in banana leaves.

Our very own Mair Khao Tacreated this Khao Tom as specialty for the temple, and has gained popularity in several temple localities. Members and guests are being greeted with Mae Khao Ta with Khao Tom for sample during the temple visit. One will not miss.  

Upon leaving the temple facility, our Mae Khao Ta would put a bag of Khao Tom in your hand and said, “Take this home for your family and children to share.” How sweet – it now has become our temple tradition!

Wat Pa Lao Woodland Land Parcel Fundraising Project (Thoranisong)

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Motto: Together we can build a temple.

Wat Pa Lao

Vendor Participation Program

Wat Pa Lao Woodland offer vendors opportunity to partner with the temple in providing the community with appropriate offering relating to Lao Culture such as prepared food and crafts items.    If you are interested in becoming a long term vendor at the temple, please download the form and information sheet below.   You can send in your form or email form attachment to    watpalao@frontier.com  to secure your very own spot when there is event at the temple.   Spaces are limited and is on a first come first serve basis.  Please see the layout of the space below.

Leave a legacy for your family and community by paticipating in WPLW Land Parcel project (Thoranisong).    Please click here > English  / ຂໍ້ມູນລາວ  for more information and  click here > English form / ແບບຟອມລາວ  for donation form

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